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Sackmann’s world of indulgence at home

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Sackmanns Trial Days

The get-to-know-you offer that makes connoisseurs' hearts beat faster.

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Sackmanns Spring Days

Pure joy. Our spring days will put you in a good mood.

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Sackmanns Indulgence Days

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Sackmanns Summer Days

Experience summer nights that will stay in your memory.

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Sackmanns Autumn Days

Now it's getting colourful again! Welcome autumn in a relaxed way.

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Sackmanns Winter Days

Lernen Sie das Winterwunderland Schwarzwald kennen!

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Black Forest Romantic Days

Enjoy romantic days for two in the Black Forest.

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Indoor world of flavours

Wellness. Water. Warmth. Whirlpool.

Discover our indoor aroma world. Active holidaymakers and connoisseurs are equally welcome here. There is plenty of room for sports swimmers in our indoor pool. If you prefer to indulge in pure pleasure, take a seat in our whirlpool. The sound of the water will make you dream and provide feel-good moments of a special kind. Take these dreams to the next level and find complete harmony with yourself in our sauna area or in the relaxation rooms of our aroma world.

Sports. Fun. 
Pool. Power.
Feel connected to the life-giving element of water in our 8 x 13 m (9 x 19 yds.) indoor pool. You decide whether you want to go at a leisurely pace or at sporting speed - there's enough room for everyone ! 

Herbs. Crystals. 
Tropics. Rain. 

Bring your soul to arouse. In the thermal world of the Sackmann Hotel, travel to a sparkling world of rock crystals in our crystal steam bath (45 deg. C) and lose yourself in the starry sky of Swarovski crystals. Bathe not only in our wellness herbal bath (65 deg. C), but also in an enchanting dance of flower aromas. 

Our illuminated Himalayan salt stone sauna (75 deg. C) offers an impressive setting. Draw strength here from the salts of the mightiest mountain range in the world. Our ice fountain provides a welcome cooling after your journey through our steam baths and saunas. A special highlight is our experience shower, where you will be treated to a pleasantly warm tropical rain. 

Find out more details about our saunas 

Our saunas are open to you as from 11:00 am.
Varying infusions provide additional relaxation.

From the Himalayas
Himalayas salt stone sauna
Sauna with real salt stone cladding from the Himalayan mountains, operated at a temperature of approx. 70 deg. C and relatively low humidity. The relief of a variety of ailments is brought about by the ionised air saturated with salt compounds. The salt content in the air has a particularly positive effect on the respiratory tract and skin.
The energetic effect of the Himalayan salt stone stimulates a positive attitude to life and helps with inner restlessness, depression and melancholy. The salt inspires a revitalisation of our goals with new energy or to use our power in the right way. It extends and clears our mental space.
Enjoy the soft and homely atmosphere created by the surface of the rare and particularly valuable Kelo wood. At a temperature of abt. 90 deg. C and a humidity of no more than 10 %, multiple health-promoting effects are produced during your stay in the sauna: 

 The change between heat and the subsequent cold shower not only stimulates the circulation, but also increases the defence against infections and strengthens the immune system. 

The temperature change has a positive effect on the blood vessels. The heat intensifies the blood supply to the skin, which can alleviate skin diseases. The muscles relax, and healing processes of pulled muscles and tendons are boosted. The warmth also has a relaxing and positive effect on the respiratory tract.


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Silence. Tranquillity. 
Accord. Harmony. 

Lie down in one of our water-beds and lose yourself in comforting warm thoughts in the aqua relaxation room, triggered by the softly lapping water and the fiery radiance of the walls. Discover new spheres of serenity with the relaxing sounds provided for you. 
The pool relaxation room offers you a spectacular view of the river Murg rushing by while you lean back on our relaxation loungers.

World of fragrant scentse

Aromas and herbs are not only a delight for your nose, but also for your eye. Roam through our herb gallery in the pool lounge of the Sackmann Hotel and relax in the fine aroma relaxation room.

The world of fragrant scents will expand your relaxation horizons.

Tea. Snacks. Vital. Sustainability. 

Enjoy selected tea creations and healthy snacks in our tea lounge and vitality bar. Our teas, prepared with the finest spring water, embrace you from the inside. Would you rather cool down ? Then taste your way through the colourful range of our specially developed wellness drinks. In addition, ensure romantic togetherness on your cuddle weekend with our range of champagnes. 

SPA. Gourmet. Snacks. Buffet. 

Your well-being is close to our hearts. And we know that the way to a man's / woman’s heart is through his / her stomach ! That's why we are expanding the SPA area for our guests of the wellness board by adding our Silberberg / Haselbach restaurant. This is where the wellness time for your palate begins at midday. For moments of pleasure between 12:30 and 2:30 pm, we invite you to the Wellfit snack at the market buffet.

Sky Infinity pool landscape

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News for connoisseurs

Sackmann’s world of indulgence at home

Your Sackmann’s world of indulgence to enjoy at home

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